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London protests during Li Keqiang's 2014 visit

State visit follows trip to US in September

Chinese president Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to the UK between 20 and 23 October. The visit will be his first since becoming president in 2012 and the first by a Chinese president since Hu Jintao in 2005.

Lobsang Jamyang, 15-year-old tibetan protester from Ngaba

News emerges of further protest in restive county

A 15-year-old monk has become the latest in a long line to be arrested from Kirti monastery in Ngaba (Ch: Aba), after staging a solo protest there on 23 September.

Confucius classrooms do not teach about China's occupation of Tibet

Ministers told to "open eyes" to influence of Chinese government in schools

Students for a Free Tibet, Tibet Action Institute and Initiatives for China protest

Tibet campaigners join protests over human rights

Xi Jinping began his trip to the US on Tuesday facing protests from Tibetans and others concerned about human rights.

Chinese security foces in Ngaba

Eastern Tibet county current focus of resistance

On 10 September, three separate protests took place on the main street of Ngaba county town.

Tibet's Resistance

Nearly 30 Tibetans are reported to have been arrested after protesting against a marble mine in Chabcha county, north-east Tibet.

Tibet's Resistance

A monk called Choeyang Kalden was arrested after allegedly writing an anti-Chinese message and circulating it via his mobile phone.

Tibet's Resistance

A monk identified as Gendun was arrested after allegedly burning a Chinese flag and writing pro-independence slogans on the door of government officials stationed in his monastery.

Tibet's Resistance

Four monks from Sog county (near Driru county) arrested for reportedly putting up banners calling for Tibetan freedom.

Tibet's Resistance

Arrests and protests continue in Driru county.

Tibet's Resistance

Tibetans in Driru continue to protest after China attemps to make them fly Chinese flag from their homes.

Tibet's Resistance

200 members of the security forces arrived in 20 trucks to disperse a group of Tibetans who had gathered to protect land in Luchu county.

Tibet's Resistance

A group of tibetans from Meyal township have been brutally beaten for refusing to fly the Chinese flag from their homes. Two suffered from broken bones and six have been detained.

Tibet's Resistance

A large number of security personnel encircled and raided Zilkar Monastery at approximately 10am (local time). Five monks were arbitrarily arrested; those who tried to prevent this were beaten. Laptops and CDs were also confiscated. It is not known where the monks are being held.

Tibet's Resistance

One of the monks sentenced on 16 February is released. The other three (Sonam Gewa, Lobsang Nyima and Lobsang Samten) have been given prison sentences of up to two years. It is not known what they were charged for.

Tibet's Resistance

They were arrested and their current whereabouts and wellbeing is unknown.

Tibet's Resistance

Monks boycotted the event saying the government had staged it for propaganda purposes.

Tibet's Resistance

Two women detained on 21 April whilst trying to stop removal of Kirti monks have been released. Monks reported: "Their heads had been shaved, and they had been beaten and abused so badly in detention that they are unable to look after themselves."

Boris Johnson refuses to meet Dalai Lama

Parties respond to Free Tibet campaign - but government silent