Urgent Action: language campaigner Tashi Wangchuk

In January 2016 Tashi Wangchuk was arrested and has been charged with “inciting separatism”. He faces up to 15 years in prison.

Update July 2016: Free Tibet has learned of Tashi Wangchuk's location and encourages supporters to send him a message in prison.

We have now learned where Tashi Wangchuk is being held. As a result we are called on our supporters to send Tashi Wangchuk a message of solidarity, to let him know that we are behind him and he is not alone. We gathered over 300 of these messages which we have sent to him in detention.

Have you contacted your Foreign Affairs Minister?

If you haven't already done so, please also ask your Minister of Foreign Affairs to call on China to immediately and unconditionally release Tashi Wangchuk.

Tashi Wangchuk, 30, is from Yushu in eastern Tibet. He was arrested after asking China's authorities to ensure that the Tibetan language is taught throughout Tibet. China’s own constitution  guarantees that Tibetans have the right to use and develop their own languages. Tashi Wangchuk pursued his peaceful campaign through official channels and repeatedly maintained that his actions were not political. It is likely he is being punished because he had the courage to work with the New York Times to highlight threats to Tibetan culture, despite the risk he would be arrested.

China has sharply scaled back the teaching of Tibetan in recent years, despite guarantees of cultural autonomy in the Tibetan regions. Learn more about Tashi Wangchuk's case here.

Take action

Citizens of the UK, US, Australia, Canada, India, France, Ireland and Germany can follow the links below to contact your foreign ministers to demand action for Tashi Wangchuk. If your country is not listed, please see our guide for the relevant contact for your country, and how to reach them, here. If you are based in a country which you are not a citizen of, please contact campaigns@freetibet.org for help. 

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