Take action for Dolkar and Wangchen

Dolkar and Wangchen
Dolkar and Wangchen

Dolkar and her nephew Wangchen have been imprisoned.

Neither of them has committed a crime. They need our urgent support.

In late April, Wangchen, a 20 year old from eastern Tibet, gathered with friends to commemorate the Panchen Lama’s 30th birthday. The group called for the release of the Panchen Lama, who was detained as a boy in 1995 and has been missing ever since. They also called for the Panchen Lama and the exiled Dalai Lama to one day be reunited in Tibet.

For this peaceful act, Wangchen was arrested. When his aunt, Dolkar, shared the news of Wangchen’s arrest, she too was charged.

On 8 May, Wangchen was found guilty of leading “a conspicuous protest in public against the law of the land”, and sentenced to four and a half years in prison. Dolkar was found guilty of “causing social instability” by disclosing information of the arrest and was sentenced to one year and three months in prison.

Dolkar and Wangchen’s current whereabouts are unknown.


Take action!

We urgently need to put pressure on local authorities, calling on them to release Dolkar and Wangchen and urging them to ensure that they are not ill-treated in prison.

We have prepared several ways for you to help Dolkar and Wangchen:


1. Send a letter to Sichuan Party Secretary Peng Qinghua

We have attached a model letter in Chinese for you to print, sign and send to Party Secretary Peng Qinghua. An English transaltion is also attached, should you wish to borrow talking points for your own letter.

Letters should be sent to: 

Peng Qinghua, Sichuan Party Secretary, Sichuan Provincial General Office. No.30 Duyuanjie, Chengdu, Sichuan 610016, People's Republic of China

彭清華 , 四川省委书记 , 四川省人民政府 , 成都市督院街30号 , 四川 610016, 中国

We have also attached the English and Chinese-language addresses as a printable docuement below which you can cut out and stick to an envelope.  A small letter to China from the UK should cost £1.35.

Writing a letter is an effective way of attracting the attention of local authorities, who are not used to receiving international pressure. However, we recognise that this might not be an option for all of our supporters.

Chinese letter (PDF)      English letter      Chinese and English addresses (PDF)


2. Send an email to the Party Secretary Peng Qinghua

If you would prefer to contact the Party Secretary by email, you can take our online action.


3. Contact the Chinese Embassy in your country

You can also send a message to your Chinese ambassador, urging them to raise Dolkar and Wangchen's case with the Beijing government. Please be polite and civil when writing to the embassy. This website will help you find contacts for your local Chinese embassy.