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Tibetan political prisoner released after 10 years

17th August 2018
Gonpo Tseten was released from prison two years early but is now under surveillanceRead more

Regulations tighten controls in Yushu Prefecture

16th August 2018
A notification issued earlier this year pledges to crack down on “underworld forces” in eastern TibetRead more

China on the defensive as its human rights comes under scrutiny

14th August 2018
Chinese delegates try to play down and suppress evidence of Beijing’s repression in TibetRead more

Tibetan political prisoner released after completing a six year prison term

14th August 2018
Namkha Jam was convicted for “inciting separatism” in 2013.Read more

Pushing for justice for Tibet's hidden prisoners

10th August 2018
10 August is International Prison Justice Day, a day to think of Tashi Wangchuk and Tibet's other political prisonersRead more

Musician released from prison after three and a half years

7th August 2018
Gonpo Tenzin was arrested in 2013 after authorities deemed his music to be separatistRead more

Tourists dumping on Tibetan lake

2nd August 2018
More concerns have been raised that China’s push to increase tourism in Tibet is damaging the environment.Read more

No religious activities during summer break for Lhasa school children

19th July 2018
Families at a school in Lhasa have been forced to restrict their children’s activities during school holidays.Read more

Tibetan Buddhists evicted from monastery

13th July 2018
China steps up efforts to marginalise religious education in Tibet.Read more

The Jokhang fire four months on

22nd June 2018
On the eve of the World Heritage Committee's meeting in Bahrain, we assess what we know so far about the Jokhang fireRead more

UN human rights chief blasts China over Tibet in resignation speech

20th June 2018
In his departing speech, the diplomat highlighted China's ongoing repression in Tibet and Xinjiang.Read more

Tashi Wangchuk in good health and appealing his prison sentence

19th June 2018
The Tibetan language rights advocate was sentenced to five years in prison last month.Read more

Chinese Communist Party steps up efforts to control Tibetan Buddhism

19th June 2018
Xi Jinping told the CCP National Congress last year that he intended to increase the party’s grip over religion and...Read more

Three new airports for Tibet confirmed

12th June 2018
China official media confirmed construction plan for three new airports in TAR.Read more

Tibetan monk released after seven years in prison

8th June 2018
Lobsang Tenzin was imprisoned in 2011 for his alleged role in a self-immolation protest.Read more

UN human rights experts condemn jailing of Tashi Wangchuk

6th June 2018
International experts reiterate their calls for release of Tibetan language advocate.Read more

Tibetan farm land confiscated for new airport

6th June 2018
Locals hit by China’s efforts to boost tourist numbers in TibetRead more

Political Prisoner released two months late after 10 years in Prison

1st June 2018
Political prisoner Dashar was released in May, two months late. He had already completed a 10-year prison sentenceRead more

Lhasa officials plan security for Saga Dawa Festival

28th May 2018
Chinese authorities have set out a further series of measures to control Tibetan religious celebrations.Read more

Tibetan football gets global kick off in London

25th May 2018
Tibetan team competing with 15 other squads in the CONIFA World Cup.Read more