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Lhasa detentions

12th June 2012
Tibetans from Ngaba targeted Scores of Tibetans have been arbitrarily detained in Lhasa since two...Read more

Tibetan envoys resign

6th June 2012
Two senior Tibetan envoys who have participated in negotiations with China have resigned, citing their frustration at...Read more

Picture of Tibetan shot dead by Chinese forces

1st June 2012
Photos emerge of Urgen lying dead after being shot in Barma townshipRead more

Mother of three dies in Tibet

30th May 2012
A mother of three has died after setting herself on fire in Barma township.Read more

Tibetan Spring reaches Lhasa

28th May 2012
Two men set themselves on fire in the Tibetan capital Lhasa.Read more

Supporter calls heeded as UK premier meets Dalai Lama

15th May 2012
Free Tibet is encouraged that UK Prime Minister David Cameron met with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in London yesterday.Read more

Personal testimonies

14th May 2012
Personal testimonies from young Tibetans who have self-immolated has been passed to the outside world despite great...Read more

Personal testimonies behind self-immolations

14th May 2012
Sonam and Choephak Kyap set fire to themselves on 19 April in Barma Township in Ngaba County. The two cousins were in...Read more

“It is better to kill myself than be arrested by the Chinese”

10th May 2012
A 25-year-old Tibetan stabs himself to death rather than face the tortuous realities of a Chinese prison.Read more

World sees Tibet self-immolation videos

9th May 2012
Video footage and personal testimonies of Tibetans who set themselves on fire is smuggled out.Read more

Freedom call goes viral

26th April 2012
A message from two men who died last week is inspiring Tibetans to share their calls for freedom and pledge unity.Read more

Tibetan cousins self-immolate together

19th April 2012
Two laymen set fire to themselvesRead more

Torture, beatings and detention for Tibetan prisoners

5th April 2012
Accounts of Tibetans being arrested and tortured as a result of involvement in protests continue to reach us.Read more

Zilkar monks sentenced.

31st March 2012
One of the monks sentenced on 16 February is released. The other three (Sonam Gewa, Lobsang Nyima and Lobsang Samten)...Read more

Young monk is the latest Tibetan to self-immolate

29th March 2012
Another Tibetan self-immolates and dies in Chara Township.Read more

Tibetan self-immolates in India

26th March 2012
Large protest in Delhi leads to Tibetan setting himself on fireRead more

Monk raises his fist for freedom

17th March 2012
Gesture of defiance from self-immolatorRead more

Unprecedented footage from Tibet

15th March 2012
Tibetans take great risks to ensure that footage such as this reaches the outside world so that the international...Read more