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Monks detained after mother's protest

8th August 2012
More details on latest protester Dolkar Kyi, who set herself on fire and died in Tibet yesterday, was...Read more

Two more self-immolate in Tibet

7th August 2012
Second self-immolation protest in two days A 26-year-old woman has set herself on fire and died in...Read more

Tibet protester dies

2nd August 2012
Latest death in Tibet Rising protests Nyawang Norpal (right), who...Read more

China's Olympic promises

27th July 2012
Four years on, we reflect on China's commitments to improve human rights as part of its successful bid to host the 2008...Read more

Streaker backs Free Tibet cause

25th July 2012
Young man was motivated by Tibet issueRead more

Disappearances in Tibet

20th July 2012
Scores of Ngaba monks arbitrarily detained The number of monks who are being arrested and...Read more

Update: Tibetans win stand-off with Chinese military

19th July 2012
Villagers successfully prevent Chinese security forces from entering monastery More details have...Read more

Tibetans continue to set themselves on fire

17th July 2012
Villagers gather to protect monks from Chinese forces An 18-year-old Tibetan monk set himself on fire...Read more

Mass detentions reveal China's fears about stability

12th July 2012
China has detained 60 Tibetans who witnessed a self-immolation near the capital, Lhasa, on 7 July....Read more

22-year-old self-immolates near Lhasa, many detained

7th July 2012
A young Tibetan's self-immolation protest has sparked a huge increase in Chinese security personnel around...Read more

Tibetan monk dies in Chinese detention

6th July 2012
A Tibetan monk has died while in Chinese detention following a solo protest calling for Tibetan independence...Read more

Tibet amongst 'worst of the worst'

5th July 2012
Tibet has been singled out as one of the lowest ranked countries in terms of political and civil rights....Read more

Tibetan mother sets herself on fire during protest

3rd July 2012
A Tibetan woman set herself alight during a protest over land rights in Jyekundo.Read more

Teenage girl severely beaten

29th June 2012
A teenage protester calling for the return of the Dalai Lama and freedom in Tibet was severely beaten by Chinese...Read more

Harassment of family of elderly Tibetan who set himself on fire

25th June 2012
Bereaved families of Tibetans who have self-immolated in protest at China's heavily repressive occupation of...Read more

Two young Tibetans set fire to themselves

20th June 2012
Tibetan men call for solidarity amongst Tibetans and set fire to themselves Nyawang Norpal (right),...Read more

Nomad sets himself on fire

15th June 2012
A Tibetan nomad has set himself on fire in a protest against the Chinese occupation.Read more

Lhasa detentions

12th June 2012
Tibetans from Ngaba targeted Scores of Tibetans have been arbitrarily detained in Lhasa since two...Read more

Tibetan envoys resign

6th June 2012
Two senior Tibetan envoys who have participated in negotiations with China have resigned, citing their frustration at...Read more

Picture of Tibetan shot dead by Chinese forces

1st June 2012
Photos emerge of Urgen lying dead after being shot in Barma townshipRead more