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As military forces arrive in Ngaba, Tibetans go into hiding

27th November 2012
Chinese security forces intimidate community after protest Tibetans in Eastern Tibet have gone into...Read more

More than 20 Tibetan students hospitalised

26th November 2012
School placed under military lockdown following protest Around 1,000 students, primarily from the...Read more

Three more self-immolate in Eastern Tibet

26th November 2012
Three Tibetans have set fire to themselves in the last 48 hours Over the course of the last two days...Read more

More protests in Tibet

23rd November 2012
Sustained wave of protest shows no signs of stopping A 23-year-old Tibetan died after setting fire to...Read more

A father of three dies at the scene of his protest

20th November 2012
Tsering Dhondup, 34-year-old and father of three, sets fire to himself in protest.Read more

“I am setting fire to myself to protest against the Chinese government”

20th November 2012
Protester’s letter calls for freedom and independence in Tibet A copy of a letter left by...Read more

Thousands gather after mother's protest

17th November 2012
Thousands of Tibetans gathered in Eastern Tibet after the death of a mother of two during a protest.Read more

Tibetans defy China's new regime

16th November 2012
Protests continue as restrictions in Tibet tighten A 23-year-old woman, Tingzin Dolma, set fire to...Read more

Intercontinental backs occupied hotel on Twitter

15th November 2012
Defending the indefensible in 140 characters The UK company planning to operate a 2,000 room luxury...Read more

Emotional tribute by protester's father

13th November 2012
Ban on Dalai Lama’s picture triggered protest The father of...Read more

Escalation of Tibetan protests continues

12th November 2012
Young Tibetan sets fire to himself during prayer ceremony A Tibetan man in his mid-20s set fire to...Read more

Military gather in Tibetan capital

9th November 2012
Propaganda broadcast of soliders in Lhasa New video reveals an intimidating show of force by China in...Read more

Massive gathering of Tibetan students

9th November 2012
Thousands gathered in a protest earlier today. Between 4 and 5,000 young people marched through the...Read more

China mobilises paramilitary to suppress Tibetan protest

8th November 2012
Armed police have been mobilised to suppress protestersRead more

15-year-old boy dies in first triple self-immolation

7th November 2012
Youngest ever self-immolation protester Three teenaged monks, have set themselves on fire outside a...Read more

Tibetan mother sets fire to herself

7th November 2012
Young mother is latest to protest A 23-year-old Tibetan woman, Tamdin Tso, set fire to herself today...Read more

Drango monks sentenced

6th November 2012
News emerges of court ruling The five monks from Drango who were disappeared earlier this year have...Read more

Monk disappeared for political activities

5th November 2012
Jampa had previously been interrogated by police many times The wellbeing and whereabouts of a Machu...Read more

Latest protest brings thousands to the streets

4th November 2012
Father of two is latest to set himself on fire Thousands of Tibetans gathered today to honour the...Read more

UN boss gets tough on China

2nd November 2012
Human Rights Commissioner calls for change in Tibet The United Nations High Commissioner for Human...Read more