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Beaten and detained for protecting land

12th May 2013
200 members of the security forces arrived in 20 trucks to disperse a group of Tibetans who had gathered to protect...Read more

Tibet religious persecution at 10-year-high, says report

3rd May 2013
A new report has highlighted the oppression faced by Tibetan Buddhists living under Chinese occupation....Read more

Meet Eleanor Byrne-Rosengren, our new director

2nd May 2013
“This movement has done great things and its greatest achievements are yet to come.”Read more

Two die in prayer hall protest

24th April 2013
Monastery is site of double self-immolation protest Two monks have died in the latest protest in...Read more

20 year-old mother dies after setting herself alight

16th April 2013
Protest in same location as mother-of-four died in March A Tibetan woman named Jugtso set herself...Read more

Tibetans protest unemployment

15th April 2013
Graduates demonstrate against corruption and discrimination in the jobs market Unemployed Tibetan...Read more

US Secretary of State to visit China

11th April 2013
Kerry urged to speak out on Tibet US Secretary of State John Kerry will be visiting China on 13-14...Read more

Australian PM speaks up for Tibet - maybe

8th April 2013
Julia Gillard has raised the subject of Tibet with China's President Xi Jinping ...Read more

Political prisoner released after 17 years

4th April 2013
Reported to be in poor health following repeated torture After serving 17 years in a Chinese prison,...Read more

Fatal landslide highlights Tibet's environmental destruction

2nd April 2013
Mining disaster shows how China exploits Tibet with migrant workersRead more

Rock face prayers defaced by security forces

28th March 2013
Traditional prayers too much for Chinese occupiers. Traditional prayers for the Dalai Lama on a rock...Read more

Xi Jinping in South Africa

27th March 2013
The man in charge of the occupation of Tibet visits just days after national Human Rights DayRead more

Forest guard builds a fire and sets himself alight

26th March 2013
After Tibetan’s self-immolation, Chinese military move in and put area under strict surveillance A 43...Read more

Mother-of-four sets herself alight in Tibet

25th March 2013
Kalkyi, 30, self-immolated on Sunday afternoon.Read more

US Senator: Tibet “among the world’s most repressed and closed societies”

22nd March 2013
Senior politicians urge China to end repressive policies This week two statements of concern on the...Read more

Communications clampdown

19th March 2013
Internet cut in parts of Tibet; mobile phone sweep leads to arrests In a clampdown coinciding with...Read more

Husband detained because he would not lie about wife’s fatal protest

18th March 2013
Dolma Kyab arrested after he refused to say family discord behind self-immolation The husband of a...Read more

Monk dies in protest on anniversary of fatal shootings

17th March 2013
Five years after Chinese kill 13 unarmed protesters, Lobsang Thokmey sets himself alight The 28-year-...Read more

Xi must act on Tibet

14th March 2013
Free Tibet statement on Xi Jinping’s assumption of the Presidency of the People’s Republic of China...Read more