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Blog: Welcome to the resistance

12th January 2017
Happy New Year, everyone. I’m sure that, like me, many of you are hoping that 2017 will be a kinder and more...Read more

Free Tibet calls on EU to press China on Larung Gar

10th January 2017
Campaign urges EU to use upcoming Human Rights Dialogue to press China to halt demolitions Free Tibet...Read more

Tibetans face threats at Kalachakra ceremony

6th January 2017
Tibetans who travelled to India for the prestigious ritual, conducted by the Dalai Lama, have been ordered home...Read more

Former political prisoner Jigme Guri hospitalised

4th January 2017
Jigme Guri was released from prison in October 2016 after five years Former Tibetan political...Read more

18 year old arrested after solo protest

3rd January 2017
Former monk Tenpa dragged away by police after public protest Free Tibet has learned that an 18-year-...Read more

Blog: True or False?

15th December 2016
As one of the most closed places on earth, it can be hard to keep up with events inside Tibet. And separating fact from...Read more

China dismisses concerns following Human Rights Day

14th December 2016
Foreign Ministry Spokesman slams outside interference, brushes aside concerns about political prisoners...Read more

“We are destined to self-immolate”

13th December 2016
Note left by Tashi Rabten explains his reasons for his fatal self-immolation A note written by...Read more

Nine Tibetans sentenced for organising Dalai Lama birthday celebrations

12th December 2016
Most of those sentenced had previously spent time in prison Nine Tibetans in Ngaba,...Read more

Text of letter to Prime Minister Theresa May on Human Rights Day

10th December 2016
Letter and vigil on Human Rights Day raised torture and political prisoners, including Tibetan language...Read more

Family of Tibetan self-immolation protester detained

9th December 2016
Vigil held in Dharamsala for Tashi Rabten, who fatally set himself on fire yesterday Family members...Read more

Self-immolation protester calls for freedom in Tibet

8th December 2016
Photo and video evidence show the protester carrying out his protest on a busy street Update...Read more

Dolma Tso released after three years in prison

7th December 2016
Political prisoner welcomed home by hundreds in her community Dolma Tso, from Ngaba (Ch: Aba) County...Read more

Controversial footage shows nuns in choreographed performance

6th December 2016
Nuns dance to Chinese propaganda song; most likely forced to perform Video footage has emerged on...Read more

Blog: Building the Free Tibet team

2nd December 2016
There are ten people in our London office, including me. Some work for Free Tibet, some work for...Read more

20 detained in villagers’ protest against dam

2nd December 2016
Two villages at risk of being submerged due to the dam's construction 20 Tibetans have been...Read more

Video: Nuns forced to undergo patriotic re-education

30th November 2016
Nuns in the video appear to have been recently returned from Larung Gar A video has emerged of a...Read more

Communist Party reshuffles Tibetan leadership

25th November 2016
Han Chinese CCP members hold top positions...Read more

Mongolia resists pressure and hosts Dalai Lama

24th November 2016
Dalai Lama responds to Chinese criticism and hints at future meeting with Trump The...Read more

Blog: Why I protest

18th November 2016
Your mobile phone most probably runs on a 'Made in China' lithium battery that China has mined out of my...Read more