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Resistance to Plans to ‘Re-brand’ Another Monastery Into Tourist Destination

17th July 2017
Monks and locals at Kumbum Monastery react to China’s latest plan to convert a monastery into a tourist...Read more

Tibetan Student sets self on fire in Sarnath, India

14th July 2017
Young student penned letter stating ‘I burn myself for Tibet’ before staging protest A 19...Read more

Tibetan Musician Kalsang Yarphel Released

11th July 2017
Kalsang Yarphel spent four years in prison for his politically themed music The Tibetan musician...Read more

UNESCO turns Tibetan land into World Heritage Site after controversial Chinese proposal

10th July 2017
On Friday, UNESCO added Kokoxili in Tibet to its World Heritage list, despite Tibetan objections...Read more

Blog: The Dalai Lama's Birthday

6th July 2017
Today we celebrate the Dalai Lama’s birthday, an activity that is banned in occupied Tibet.Read more

Monk Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

5th July 2017
Jamyang Lodru, 36, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment by the Chinese authorities. The...Read more

Two Monks Face Harsh and Arbitrary Prison Sentences

30th June 2017
Earlier this month, a Chinese court sentenced Gendun Dhakpa, 40, and Lobsang Sherab, 36, to five and four years...Read more

New poll shows human rights abuses in Tibet are ignored amid China state info black-out

30th June 2017
Poll suggests a decline in knowledge over the years but also shows signs of hopeRead more

Landslide Buries Entire Village - around 100 still missing

27th June 2017
Many feared dead following the landslide in Maowun County, Ngaba On Saturday, 24 June, at around 6 am...Read more

EU challenges China over Larung Gar

26th June 2017
UPDATE: We have since learned that, following the EU-China Human Rights Dialogue,...Read more

Tibetan man slits throat in Lhasa protest

26th June 2017
Man took own life shouting 'freedom in Tibet' An unidentified Tibetan man has died after...Read more

Tibetan activist dies after years campaigning for a free Tibet

22nd June 2017
Sherab Tsedor passed away yesterday after a heart attack A Tibetan activist and self-immolation...Read more

Blog: A shout for Tibet

21st June 2017
In 2008, China was hosting the Olympic Games and whilst making an international public show of beating its chest with...Read more

Blog: How it feels to lead a nationless nation

13th June 2017
An interview with Dr Lobsang Sangay by guest writer Charlotte Wigram-Evans.Read more

Blog: From the Highlands to the Himalayas

7th June 2017
In 1995 I was working in north-east India, in an area with a strong Tibetan community, called Kalimpong.Read more

Blog: The great firewall of China

1st June 2017
As the Digital Officer at Free Tibet, I spend much of my time in the online world. A large part of my job is taking the...Read more

Restrictions limit Tibetans at key Saga Dawa festivities

31st May 2017
Authorities in Lhasa have imposed harsh controls on hotels, restaurants and a school in the city...Read more

Trump budget proposal slashes aid to Tibetans

30th May 2017
State Department budget proposal would cut aid to two key Tibetan organisations Over a million...Read more

Blog: Not made in China

23rd May 2017
The shop not only acts as a mechanism for raising funds to support our campaigning work, but also as a vehicle for...Read more

Tibetan monk dies after self-immolating in eastern Tibet

20th May 2017
Jamyang Losel is the fourth Tibetan to have carried out a self-immolation protest this year A Tibetan...Read more