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Spanish court orders arrest of former China president

20th November 2013
Jiang Zemin faces jail over Tibet repression: Beijing responds with threats and bluster A court in...Read more

Xi Jinping's first year in Tibet

19th November 2013
Tibetan protests continue to be met with aggression, intimidation and brutality. In November 2012...Read more

Intercontinental China partner arrested

15th November 2013
Man building Lhasa hotel faces fraud charges Previously...Read more

Tibetans unite: last words of Tsering Gyal

13th November 2013
Latest self-immolation protester leaves behind his wish for Tibet Tsering Gyal, the...Read more

Tibetan monk sets himself on fire

11th November 2013
Latest self-immolation protest against China's occupation of Tibet A 20-year-old monk named Tsering...Read more

The world takes action for Tibet

7th November 2013
Tibet activists all over the globe say no to Intercontinental Tibet protesters staged actions at...Read more

Tibet demonstrations hit Intercontinental hotels worldwide

5th November 2013
Protests roll around the world on 5 November The first global day of action against Intercontinental...Read more

Driru protests

3rd November 2013
Arrests and protests continue in Driru county.Read more

Are you ready for the global day of action?

1st November 2013
Join Tibet supporters in five continents, making a stand together There are just four days to go...Read more

Five ways to join the global day of action

29th October 2013
Online or offline – it’s easy to take a stand for Tibet On 5 November, Tibet supporters from all over...Read more

Intercontinental: Global day of action announced

24th October 2013
Supporters all over the world prepare to stand up for Tibet On Tuesday 5 November, Tibet supporters...Read more

China challenged over Tibet

22nd October 2013
UN member states raise issue of Tibet at human rights review Chinese Communist Party officials...Read more

Sound of China’s machine guns on shocking video

21st October 2013
Exclusive footage of environment protest in Tibet Free Tibet has obtained shocking footage of China...Read more

Human rights? It's not "black and white".

18th October 2013
UK’s Chancellor dazzled by the money on China trip The man second only to the Prime Minister in the...Read more

Flag protest

16th October 2013
Tibetans in Driru continue to protest after China attemps to make them fly Chinese flag from their homes.Read more

“Please extend hospitality”: police codes in Tibet exposed

16th October 2013
Clampdown following shootings targets "tourists" in Lhasa Police stations in Lhasa have...Read more

Another bad week for Intercontinental

15th October 2013
China sex scandal for IHG: endorsement for boycott A BBC investigation last week exposed prostitution...Read more

Court: China leader should face genocide charges

14th October 2013
Hu Jintao at risk of arrest after Spanish legal decision Late last week the highest...Read more

Boycott campaign could cost Intercontinental millions

11th October 2013
Financial implications of corporate disregard for Tibet More than 3,000 people have now joined our...Read more

Tibetans shot and beaten in protest

8th October 2013
Latest incident of disproportionate and violent response by Chinese state forces Chinese security...Read more