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World marks Tibetan Uprising Day

10th March 2014
55th anniversary of uprising against China's rule March 10 is Tibetan Uprising Day, when Tibetans...Read more

China targets Tibetans after station massacre

7th March 2014
Police demand information on monks and “suspicious” Tibetans Following the deadly knife...Read more

Veteran Tibetan Communist says Dalai Lama should return to Tibet

6th March 2014
Former Mao ally condemns Beijing’s policy The founder of Tibet’s Communist Party has told...Read more

What keeps Intercontinental's chief executive awake at night?

4th March 2014
Campaigners embarrass hotel boss over Lhasa hotel plan Free Tibet and Students for a Free Tibet...Read more

Tortured prisoner in critical condition

28th February 2014
Update: It is confirmed that Goshul Lobsang died on 19 March 2014 Shocking photographs after...Read more

Saving yaks from slaughter criminalised by China

27th February 2014
Monks arrested after act of compassion Authorities have arrested three monks from Golok in eastern...Read more

Intercontinental still silent on racist policy

26th February 2014
New video launches as hotels group ignores questions Three weeks after Tibet campaigners contacted...Read more

Obama's "strong support" for human rights in Tibet

24th February 2014
. . . but President says Tibet is part of China President Barack Obama met His Holiness the Dalai...Read more

Obama and Dalai Lama to meet

21st February 2014
What does the White House meeting mean for Tibet? President Barack Obama is due to meet His Holiness...Read more

Former monk dies after self-immolation

18th February 2014
Chinese authorities cremate body against wishes of Lobsang Dorjee's family. The last Tibetan to...Read more

Young Tibetans arrested over messages written in sand

18th February 2014
Independence slogans too much for authorities Chinese authorities have arrested six Tibetan youths...Read more

Self-immolation protest at New Year prayer festival

14th February 2014
Second Tibetan sets himself alight in 2014 A 25-year-old former monk has set himself alight during...Read more

Spanish Parliament vote helps protect Chinese leaders

12th February 2014
Groundbreaking legal case over genocide in Tibet may be halted The Spanish parliament has just...Read more

Racist hotel policy targets Tibetans

11th February 2014
Lhasa Intercontinental hotel to become an arm of China's police state? According to a leaked...Read more

Another prisoner killed in police custody

10th February 2014
Driru repression continues Following months of repression in Driru county in central Tibet, a man has...Read more

First self-immolation of 2014

7th February 2014
Father of two dies in protest A Tibetan man has died after setting himself alight in protest against...Read more

Spain to bow to China over Tibet genocide charges?

5th February 2014
Government considers move to block court case against former leaders The Spanish government is...Read more

InterContinental shamed by demonstrators at London event

4th February 2014
Protesters urge IHG to ‘Get out of Tibet’ at Business Travel Show Free Tibet campaigners...Read more

Monks arrested for independence posters

2nd February 2014
Four monks from Sog county (near Driru county) arrested for reportedly putting up banners calling for Tibetan freedom.Read more

Military deployed in Drango

30th January 2014
Show of force two years after Tibetans were killed by police Photographs obtained by Free Tibet show...Read more