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Mother-of-two carries out self-immolation protest

27th May 2015
Update 03/06/14: new information emerges from sources; Sangy Tso's nephew arbitrarily detained....Read more

Chinese official tells Tibetans to “self-immolate if they want”

26th May 2015
Mass Tibetan protest calling for end to oppressive rule Local Tibetans, including the head of Nyitso...Read more

Images of imprisoned musicians in poor health

22nd May 2015
Convicted for “seditiously splitting the state” Latest photographs of jailed Tibetan...Read more

Self-immolation protest follows intimidation in Tawu

21st May 2015
Update 22/5/2015: Sources confirm that self immolation protester Tenzin Gyatso has died. At around 3...Read more

More detentions in Tibet

19th May 2015
Monk arrested in eastern Tibet: Six arrested over land dispute Witness to self-immolation protest...Read more

20th anniversary of disappearance of Panchen Lama

15th May 2015
Gedhun Choekyi Nyima still missing after abduction at age six On 17 May 1995, China's government...Read more

Tibetan man’s back broken after assault by police

13th May 2015
Father and son injured in restive area of Tibet Namgyal Tenzin and his son Pedtse were hospitalised...Read more

Providing children with the truth about Tibet

7th May 2015
Free Tibet teacher pack distributed to schools Free Tibet has published a new set of...Read more

Villagers protest after arrests

30th April 2015
Nomads block construction of highway: Political prisoner released Update 5 May 2015:...Read more

Pressure grows on China-sponsored classrooms

28th April 2015
Media spotlight follows Free Tibet campaign China’s...Read more

Young writer arrested by China's police

21st April 2015
Lomig critical of China's policies A Tibetan writer, popularly known as Lomig, was arrested in...Read more

Former monk dies in self-immolation protest

17th April 2015
Father-of-seven calls for return of Dalai Lama 45-year-old Nyi Kyab died after setting himself alight...Read more

Monk charged with "splitting the nation"

16th April 2015
Jigme Gyatso released after beating, pending investigation A Tibetan monk named Jigme Gyatso was...Read more

China compares “liberation” of Tibet to end of slavery

15th April 2015
Government rejects compromise and dialogue with Dalai Lama The Chinese government has issued a...Read more

Tibetan nun carries out self-immolation protest

10th April 2015
Protester taken from scene by police; current condition unknown A 47-year-old Tibetan woman has...Read more

Hundreds greet released monk

7th April 2015
Released after seven years in prison Tibetan monk Thinley Gyatso was released from the Mianyang...Read more

Further arrests in Sog County

2nd April 2015
Elsewhere, defiant political prisoner released after serving seven years Four more Tibetans have been...Read more

Free Tibet challenges China's propaganda in schools

30th March 2015
China pays for "massive expansion" in teaching about China Free Tibet has launched a major...Read more

Tibetans in Nagchu continue to be persecuted

26th March 2015
Political prisoners released in poor health More disappeared from Tsanden Monastery 38 year old...Read more

Tibetan disappeared in Nagchu County, Tibet

25th March 2015
Heavy surveillance and harassment in Tibetan monasteries Ngawang Gyaltsen was secretly arrested by...Read more