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Blog: The atheist's guide to reincarnation

13th December 2015
This week news emerged that China has called on Gyaltsen Norbu, the man that it installed as Panchen Lama twenty years...Read more

Tibetan woman released after three years in prison

11th December 2015
Yangmo Kyi remains subject to heavy restrictions Yangmo Kyi, a 45-year-old Tibetan woman, has been...Read more

Torture "deeply entrenched" in China

9th December 2015
UN committee reiterates Free Tibet's concerns. The United Nations' Committee Against Torture...Read more

Two monks sentenced for peaceful protests

7th December 2015
Both had been missing since their arrests in March Two Tibetan monks have received prison sentences...Read more

Blog: Should we boycott Chinese goods?

4th December 2015
You don’t have to be around the Tibet movement for very long to hear the proposal that those who seek freedom for...Read more

EU raises Tibet and torture with China

3rd December 2015
Questions came during EU-China Human Rights Dialogue Torture in China and the rights of '...Read more

Peaceful protester arrested in Kardze

1st December 2015
Footage shows five policemen wrestling lone protestor to the ground Footage obtained by Free Tibet...Read more

Tibetan monks to be ‘educated’ against separatism

26th November 2015
The plan will see officials deployed to monasteries to guard against overseas influence According to...Read more

Blog: Banned in China - Bon Jovi and speaking out for freedom

25th November 2015
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Rock...Read more

China's clampdown on Tibet officials

20th November 2015
Party members with Tibet sympathies to face punishment The most senior official in the Tibet...Read more

Blog: Holding China to account on torture at the UN

17th November 2015
“Welcome to Geneva - and free Tibet!” That was one of the first sentences of welcome that Tibet Watch heard...Read more

“They would pour boiling hot water on us”

16th November 2015
Free Tibet launches new torture campaign Torture, degradation and abuse continue to be used against...Read more

US politicians visit Tibet

13th November 2015
Staunch Tibet defender Nancy Pelosi on tightly controlled trip UPDATE 16th November 2015...Read more

Blog: The Great October Kowtow - director's monthly update

12th November 2015
For my first monthly update I get to look back on the exciting happenings of October. For many people there was really...Read more

Flood of support for Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche

11th November 2015
Hundreds send messages on behalf of Robed Resister Free Tibet supporters have sent nearly 800...Read more

106 nuns expelled from nunnery

9th November 2015
Authorities then demolished the nuns’ living quarters Free Tibet has learned that 106 nuns from...Read more

Blog: Sharing Tibetan culture this Christmas

5th November 2015
Christmas seems to come round the corner quicker and quicker every year but this time around has been a little more fun...Read more

Latest protest in Ngaba

2nd November 2015
Tashi arrested after latest in wave of solo protests A 31-year-old Tibetan man called Tashi was...Read more

Another political prisoner released

30th October 2015
Kelsang Sonam freed after nine years Kelsang Sonam (also known as Gangpel), was released on 27...Read more

Authorities demolish more than 300 homes and shops in Tibetan village

27th October 2015
Many residents beaten and detained On 16 October, Chinese state authorities entered Trenak, a...Read more