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Blog: Why we need you. To give or not to give?

5th April 2016
Fundraising. That’s what I do. It’s in my job title and I’ve been doing it for a while. It’s a...Read more

Three Tibetans arrested after Tibetan election

4th April 2016
Arrests follow their alleged contact with Tibetans in exile Three Tibetans were arrested last week in...Read more

Tibetan nomads wounded after police open fire

1st April 2016
Two people are in a serious condition after multiple bullet wounds Police in Sertar County in Kardze...Read more

Blog: Hearing Tibetan refugees' stories

31st March 2016
I have recently been staying in Rewalsar, a small settlement in the foothills of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh,...Read more

Tibetan detained for mining protest

30th March 2016
Nyima Tsering was also fined over $3000 for protesting a mine being built on his grazing land A...Read more

Political prisoner released after eight years

29th March 2016
Ngodup Phuntsok was arrested for his role in 2008 protests and suffered torture in prison A political...Read more

Blog: My favourite travel destination

25th March 2016
Among almost 100 countries I’ve visited, Tibet...Read more

Two Tibetan prisoners released from jail

24th March 2016
Sonam Gonpo and Joleb Jigme served four and seven years respectively Two Tibetan prisoners were...Read more

Harsh words for China at UN

18th March 2016
Follows failed attempt to scupper Dalai Lama talk On 10 March (Tibetan Uprising Day), a US government...Read more

Blog: Honouring Tibet’s heroes

15th March 2016
Last week was the 57 th anniversary of 10 March -...Read more

Language campaigner disappears after international coverage

11th March 2016
Request for Tibetan language education leads to arrest A businessman from Yushu Prefecture has spent...Read more

Authorities pressure family of self-immolation protester

8th March 2016
Elsewhere, concerns about jailed monk and torture victim The family members of Kalsang Wangdu, an...Read more

Land of the Unfree: Free Tibet billboard campaign

7th March 2016
Free Tibet crowdfunding for billboards in New York, London and Sydney A new campaign from Free Tibet...Read more

Blog: celebrating Tibetan resistance this March

5th March 2016
I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks. We’ve been doing a lot of planning and preparing during...Read more

Monk dies in first self-immolation in Tibet since 2015

2nd March 2016
Kalsang Wangdu sets himself alight on same day as Tibetan in India; Tibetan woman stages solo protest elsewhere...Read more

Teenage Tibetan carries out self-immolation protest in India

1st March 2016
Update 3/3/2016: Dorjee Tsering passed away at around 8.30pm on 3 March 2016. Schoolboy...Read more

Another Tibetan writer arrested

29th February 2016
Sonam Tsephel jailed for third time. Sonam Tsephel, who writes under the name Gangchenpa Getak, was...Read more

Parliament committee challenges UK minister over Free Tibet concerns

25th February 2016
Minister claims UK "fully engaged" with human rights despite widespread criticism A senior...Read more

Blog: Six of China's epic fails

23rd February 2016
Here at Tibet Watch we monitor and research China’s...Read more

Monk receives two year prison sentence

22nd February 2016
Gomar Choephel was accused of "disturbing social stability" after storing and sharing Dalai Lama...Read more