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Tibetan monk in critical condition following arrest and beating

21st October 2016
Lobsang Tsultrim was seized by police after conducting a peaceful solo protest in Ngaba A Tibetan...Read more

Protesters turn out for Larung Gar on Day of Action

21st October 2016
Protests against the removals and demolitions took place in over 20 cities around the world Protests...Read more

Over 180 Tibet groups condemn Larung Gar demolitions in joint statement

19th October 2016
The statement is part of a day of action taking place across the globe for Larung Gar Over 180...Read more

Tibetan volunteers clean up the environment

13th October 2016
The Keep Yushu Prefecture Clean Charitable Association aims to protect their local environment While...Read more

Musicians "arrested for singing" released after four years in prison

10th October 2016
Pema Trinlay and Chakdor were cases in Free Tibet's Jailed Musicians campaign Two Tibetan...Read more

Political prisoner released after three years in jail

5th October 2016
Choezin was arrested in 2013 following his sister’s fatal self-immolation protest A Tibetan...Read more

Blog: Greetings from Dharamsala

5th October 2016
I’m currently sitting in the Tibet Watch office in Dharamsala. The monsoon should have ended a few weeks ago but we’re...Read more

New images show scale of damage to Larung Gar

4th October 2016
UPDATE: 5 October 2016 - Free Tibet has learned that, under pressure from China, the authorities at Larung Gar...Read more

Opposing the Dalai Lama, the “highest priority”

3rd October 2016
Party officials aim to marginalise Dalai Lama inside and outside Tibet The top Chinese Communist...Read more

China’s record in Tibet criticised at UN Human Rights Council

21st September 2016
China's policies in Tibet and restrictions on religion came under scrutiny at the UN Human Rights Council...Read more

China's Panchen Lama increases his presence in Tibet

19th September 2016
Beijing’s handpicked Panchen Lama continues to make public appearances, instructs monks to maintain...Read more

Two Tibetans sentenced after over a year in detention

16th September 2016
Jimpa Gyatso and Molam were arrested following Sangye's Tso's fatal protest against the occupation last...Read more

Teacher released after nine years in prison

15th September 2016
Jamyang Kunkhen was arrested after protesting the arrest of Tibetan nomad Runggye Adak Free Tibet has...Read more

Blog: Going into Exile

13th September 2016
In the summer of 1999, I made the decision to help two Westerners who were researching a Chinese resettlement project...Read more

Early release for imprisoned monk

12th September 2016
Ludup was released after serving four years in jail A political prisoner arrested in connection with...Read more

Blog: Fairs, Film Festivals and Fundraising

8th September 2016
I'm sitting on a train as I write this, whizzing through the channel tunnel on my way to Brussels for the...Read more

Free Tibet sends "messages in bottles" to BlackRock

6th September 2016
Free Tibet hands over letters from supporters, urging BlackRock to divest from Tibet Water Resources Ltd...Read more

Tashi Wangchuk’s case enters its next stage

2nd September 2016
Language campaigner could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted for “inciting separatism”...Read more

China handpicks new governor for Tibetan Autonomous Region

30th August 2016
The reins on the Tibetan Autonomous Region have been passed from one Chinese politician to another A...Read more