The ugly truth revealed as Premier Wen leaves Europe with medals

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Papers leaked from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to the Danish newspaper Information as Wen Jiabao toured Europe (1) reveal China’s double-dealing on domestic and foreign policy, and expose that David Cameron and his government have been completely taken in by Chinese government rhetoric. The leaked papers reveal that statements about aspirations for reform made outside China by Chinese leaders are designed purely to deflect criticism while the real plan is to intensify repression in China and Tibet.

The papers, which were almost certainly approved by Chinese Premier Wen, detail how the CCP will tighten control by extending “the daily monitoring of the population”, building a “more efficient” system of informants “in schools, universities, workplaces, villages and housing estates” and by rigorous censorship, including “tightening the reigns on foreign journalists and NGO’s [sic]”. “...All illegal and harmful information on Chinese and foreign web sites should be completely blocked” and people who disseminate such information should be “indicted and prosecuted quickly before a judge and be quickly convicted.”

The directives instruct the “provincial governments” and People’s Liberation Army headquarters that “crackdowns must be imposed on any aggression directed against the party and its leaders as well as against the promotion of other political systems and a free press.”

Free Tibet Director Stephanie Brigden said:

“The leaked papers expose in black and white that Premier Wen’s statements on Monday in the UK that ‘the future China will be one that fully achieves democracy, the rule of law, fairness and justice,’ and that ‘conditions’ will be created for Chinese people to ‘oversee and criticise’ the government are utterly duplicitous. Britain cannot continue to turn a blind eye to human rights violations in Tibet and China knowing that these violations are integral to the CCP’s strategy for maintaining its rule over the Tibetan and Chinese people.”

The leaked directives also shed some light on why Chinese military and police have responded with such disproportionate force to signs of dissent at Kirti Monastery in Eastern Tibet that began in March and protests currently in Kandze (2).