Whereabouts of a Tibetan man detained arbitrarily unknown

22nd November 2019

Pema Samdup, 26, was arrested more than eight months ago and has not been seen or heard from since.

Free Tibet has learned that a Tibetan clerk worker was arrested in 9th March 2019 in Lhasa.

Pema Samdup continues to be detained and his whereabouts remain unknown. 

He was arrested by the Chinese authorities on suspicion of political crimes when he posted several pictures on his WeChat account. 

Pema’s family and friends were neither informed about his arrest nor allowed to visit him. His brother was summoned to Tengchen Police Station twice for interrogation. His father also visited Lhasa but did not receive any information about his son’s whereabouts.

A local source believes that Pema was later transferred to the Public Welfare office in Chamdo.

“When I heard that Pema was detained in Chamdo detention centre, I was really worried because the officials in that detention centre are known for torturing those detainees who are involved with political matters very brutally.”

Pema’s case is similar to the case of Wangchuk who was also arrested earlier this year for sharing information on WeChat.

Pema is the youngest of the four sons of the Ragshitsang family. He studied in Gangjong Jigme Sherig Norbu College for four years, graduating in March 2018. After graduation he decided to work in Lhasa being unable to find employment in his hometown.