Two young men die in protest against China's occupation of Tibet

8th December 2012

Two 23-year-old Tibetan men died today after setting fire to themselves in separate protests against China’s occupation of their country.

Pema Dorjee set fire to himself in the afternoon in front of Shetsang Monastery in Luchu County in Eastern Tibet. There is no further information available at the time of writng about the situation at the location of the protest.

Kunchoek Phelgay, a monk, set fire to himself an hour later in front of Tragtsang Lhamo Kirti Monastery's assembly hall in Ngaba, Eastern Tibet. He died at the scene and his body is in the monastery where monks are praying for him.

Collective punishments

Free Tibet is extremely concerned for the welfare of Tibetans living in the townships where the protests took place as China has repeatedly punished communities in efforts to intimidate and deter further protests.

Tibet Rising

31 Tibetans have set fire to themselves in protests against China’s occupation since the beginning of November 2012, 94 since this protest movement began in 2009. Thousands more have taken to the streets in protests across Tibet.