Two Tibetans sentenced after over a year in detention

Sangye Tso, who died after a self-immolation protest in May 2015
Sangye Tso, who died after a self-immolation protest in May 2015
16th September 2016

Jimpa Gyatso and Molam were arrested following Sangye's Tso's fatal protest against the occupation last year

Two Tibetans from south Amdo have been imprisoned in connection with the self-immolation protest carried out by Sangye Tso last year. Jimpa Gyatso and Molam were each sentenced to one and a half years in prison on 12 September by a court in Sangchu County, eastern Tibet.

They were both arrested one month after Sangye Tso carried out a self-immolation protest on 27 May last year. The fatal protest took place early in the morning outside the office of a government work team close to Tashi Choekor Ling Monastery in her native Chone County, eastern Tibet. She was reportedly protesting against repressive Chinese policies.

Following her protest, the monastery, government offices and surrounding area were all locked-down by police and put under tight surveillance.

More than a year in detention

Shortly after, in June of last year, Jimpa Gyatso was arrested in nearby Sangchu County while walking down the street. Molam, a monk from Chone County was arrested by Chinese police in his quarters. Two other monks were also held for questioning but later released.

Jimpa Gyatso and Molam's connection to Sangye Tso's protest is not known, and neither were informed about their alleged crimes at the time of their arrests.

The pair were kept in detention for more than a year before finally facing trial this week.  During this time the authorities gave their families no information about where they were or why they were being held. Free Tibet has been unable to confirm the crime for which they have been convicted.

Take action

Tibetans are frequently arrested and held without charge. Many of them have been arrested for protesting against the occupation and human rights abuses. Take action for Tibet's political prisoners by joining in with our Robed Resisters campaign.