Tibetan solidarity

30th November 2012

People across Tibet hold two-day fast in support of protests

This week, about 60 Tibetans from all walks of life have fasted in solidarity with the ongoing wave of protests.

The fast happened simultaneously in a number of cities across Tibet, from Lhasa in central Tibet to Trindu in the East.

About 60 people took part, including Government officials, monks, academics, writers, teachers and business people.

Different way of protesting

The two-day hunger strike began in the evening of November 26 and was held in solidarity with Tibetans who have set themselves on fire in recent months.

Across Tibet, in villages, towns and cities, Tibetans are participating in different types of protests to demonstrate their rejection of Chinese rule.

This fast displays determination to peacefully demonstrate against Chinese rule even though the consequences of protesting can be harsh.

Take action for Tibet

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Find other ways to take action for Tibet.