Tibetan political prisoner released after completing a six year prison term

14th August 2018

Namkha Jam was convicted for “inciting separatism” in 2013

On 10 August 2018 a Tibetan man from Changka Village, Rabgong County in eastern Tibet was released by Chinese authorities after completing a six-year prison term.

Sources confirmed Namkha Jam’s release although no further information on his health condition are currently available.

Namkha Jam was detained by Chinese police in 2012 after allegedly leaking information related to self-immolations inside Tibet. He was accused of sending this information to the Tibetan community in exile.

He appeared in Malho Intermediate People’s Court alongside three other Tibetans, charged with “inciting separatism”. The court sentenced Namkha to a six year prison term followed by a further two years of deprivation of political rights.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch.

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