Tibetan Buddhists evicted from monastery

13th July 2018

China steps up efforts to marginalise religious education in Tibet

On 10 July, Buddhist novices were evicted from their monastery in Sershul town, in eastern Tibet.

Around 200 novices, under the age of 15, were ejected from Dza Sershul monastery and ordered to enrol into a Chinese government-run school.

Not only were the evicted young novices prohibited from attending the monastery, but their parents, monastic administrators and teachers were threatened with reprisals if the children did not comply with their orders.

Such practices appear to be commonplace across Tibet.

A similar incident also occurred at the Jowo Ganden Shedrub Palgyeling monastery, which is also located in Sershul County, where nearly 20 young novices were evicted by Chinese authorities and forced into a government school.

Furthermore, earlier this year Free Tibet highlighted restrictions on Tibetan religious and cultural activities in Lithang County, south-eastern Tibet. These measures included evicting monks from the local monastery and forcing children into non-monastic schools.

During the same month, Tibet Watch obtained a five-point order issued on 14 May by authorities at the Second Kindergarten School in Chamdo City, central Tibet. The order prohibits children from visiting monasteries during the month of Saga Dawa, or from engaging in religious activities.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch.

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