Tibet protester dies

2nd August 2012

Latest death in Tibet Rising protests

Nyawang Norpal (right), who set himself on fire on 20 June, died in hospital on Monday afternoon.

The 22-year-old protested by setting himself alight alongside his friend Tenzin Kaldrup in Zathod Township. Tenzin died at the scene.

“For the sake of Tibet”

The Central Tibetan Administration released a video shortly afterwards in which a badly-burned Nyawang could be heard speaking with a monk from Zilkar Monastery, where he was being treated for injuries.

In it, he says he set himself on fire “for the sake of Tibet... if we don’t have our freedom, cultural traditions and language, it would be extremely embarrassing for us.

“Every nationality needs freedom, language and tradition.

The prestige of Tibetans

Nyawang knew that his protest would probably prove fatal and he says:

“There is no hope of my recovery. I have only one wish in my heart. I just wish to raise the prestige of my people.”

Video footage of Nyawang and Tenzin setting themselves on fire can be seen below. Some viewers may find the content disturbing.

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