Tibet amongst 'worst of the worst'

5th July 2012

Tibet has been singled out as one of the lowest ranked countries in terms of political and civil rights.

In a report titled “The Worst of the Worst”, Freedom House has released an annual account of the world’s most repressive regimes. In agreement with Free Tibet’s assessment of the ongoing human rights struggle, Tibet was an unfortunate member of this group, among other well-known headliners Syria and North Korea.

In fact, occupied Tibet ranks even lower in civil liberties than China!

Systematic denial of human rights

The report measures the political rights and civil liberties within a country, and grades each state or territory on a scale from 1-7, with 7 being the worst off. Free Tibet was unsurprised to find Tibet received a score of 7 in both categories, indicating that the repression of political liberties and systematic denial of human rights is both severe and ongoing. Inside Tibet, the Chinese security forces restrict even the most basic freedoms.

Entrenched repression

The report goes as far as to predict an intensification of the repression in Tibet. Given the increasing number of self-immolations and other protests calling for freedom and the right to self-determination, China’s preferred response has been heavy-handed security and human rights abuses, including detentions and torture as Free Tibet routinely reports. Freedom House highlights China’s increased emphasis on internal security crackdowns and the shocking number of enforced disappearances of political protesters.

Global call to action

With virtually every protest that occurs in Tibet, Free Tibet calls on the international community to act to help the Tibetan people. Freedom House issued the same call, saying the human rights violations and staggering repression of political rights that occur in the “Worst of the Worst” countries are “so ingrained as to seem almost routine yet it remains a blight on humanity.” They call upon the international community and organisations such as the UN Human Rights Council to act against these violations of basic freedoms.

Read the full report on the Freedom House website.