Tibet Airlines expands operations

8th November 2018

Eight new air routes announced.

Tibetan Airlines have announced new routes into Tibet ahead of its winter flight season.

Debuting in July 2011, the company boasts of running 60 international and domestic routes and having complete coverage of all civil aviation airports in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

Their flight network connects, amongst other places, Lhasa with major Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Dazhou and Chongqing.

The new routes will go between Dechen, in eastern Tibet, to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. Meanwhile inter-provincial flights will increase links between areas just south of Tibet in northern Yunnan province.

Tibet Airlines will also start flights connecting Xi'an and Lanzhou, both provincial capitals northwest of Tibet, with Nyingchi Mainling Airport in the southeast of the TAR.

This announcement coincides with Beijing’s efforts to increase domestic tourism in Tibet by 2020 and follows plans, announced earlier this year by Chinese authorities, to build three new airports in the TAR.

Between January and September 2018, the Tibet Autonomous Region received 31 million domestic and foreign tourists. This was an increase of 29.9% compared with last year according to official statistics.

With such an increase there are fears that this new tourism will impact negatively on Tibet’s environment and culture.  

Information supplied by Tibet Watch.

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