Three Young Tibetan monks held for the solo protest in Ngaba County

Dorjee Rabten (left) and Tenzin Gelek (right).
25th September 2018

Monks held in detention for defying Chinese authorities

Three young Tibetan monks from Kirti Monastery were detained for protesting in Ngaba County, eastern Tibet, earlier this month.  

Dorjee Rabten, a monk in his mid-twenties from Meruma Township, was detained by police after he carried out a solo protest on 5 September.  He currently remains in police custody.

The following day, 18-year-old monk Tenzin Gelek also held a solo protest where he shouted out “freedom for Tibet”. He was immediately arrested by the police and, like Dorjee, has not been released yet.

Tenzin is known for his essay writing, although he normally publishes under a pen name. Prior to the protest he posted two essays he wrote on the Chinese social media and messaging app WeChat.

In another case, a Tibetan monk from the same monastery held a similar protest at the beginning of the month and was taken by the police into custody. His name and age are yet to be ascertained.

Currently, details about where all three monks are being held are unknown.

Ngaba – a county of protest

In 2015, many Tibetans in Ngaba County took part in protests calling for freedom in Tibet. The protesters were detained by police and given sentences ranging from two to three years in prison.

After serving their sentences some of these Tibetans had their release delayed by a week as they were required to go for re-education.

Earlier this month, Chinese authorities in Ngaba County also detained five Tibetans from Gomang Monastery following their opposition to the construction of new homes near their monastery.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch.

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