Teenage monk beaten and detained following solo protest

Sangye Gyatso
Sangye Gyatso
Sangye Gyatso
17th December 2018

Sangye Gyatso called for Tibetan freedom before being attacked by police officers in Ngaba County

A 17-year-old Tibetan monk has been beaten and arrested in Ngaba County following a solo protest.

Sangye Gyatso shouted slogans on 10 December calling for freedom in Tibet. He was immediately arrested by Chinese police officers who beat him in front of a crowd that had formed. He was taken away from the scene and there has been no update since. His current whereabouts remain unclear.

Sangye Gyatso is from Soruma village in Choejima Township in Ngaba. He was studying at Kirti Monastery having become a monk at a young age. In recent years, numerous residents or former residents of the monastery have been arrested for protesting against the occupation.


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