Streaker backs Free Tibet cause

25th July 2012

The man who ran naked during an Olympic torch relay did it as a protest to draw attention to the situation in Tibet, according to his defence.

Daniel Leer, a 27-year-old waiter has pleaded not guilty to the charge of indecent exposure.

Issue of Tibet

Speaking for the defence, Sally Thomson said "He had the words 'Free Tibet' written on his back and it was partly a political protest.

"His intention was to draw attention to the issue of Tibet."

Video clips of Daniel’s protest were an instant online hit.

'Free Tibet' slogan

He ran a short distance close to the Olympic flame in Oxfordshire, UK on July 10 wearing nothing but trainers, with 'Free Tibet' written on his back and holding a replica torch.

He has indicated that he is willing to plead guilty to a public order offence.

A trial date of October 30 has been set.

What you can do

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