Stand-off between community and authorities after fatal protest

23rd January 2013

Authorities refuse to release body for funeral

Kunchok Kyab died after setting himself alight at midday on 22 January, at a prayer ground at Bhora Monastery.

Authorities removed the body and then issued a strict order barring anyone from visiting his home to perform the ceremonies for the dead.

In response, people from the area have marched on local government offices and threatened to hold a public funeral service outside the offices if his body is not returned.

Arrests and reprisals

Bhora has been the scene of several previous protests, and has been subject to reprisals following self-immolations towards the end of last year, including arrests, increased military activity and “ideological education”. The current situation is described as "extremely tense".

Kunchok Kyab was 26, and is survived by a wife and baby.

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Take Action

The authorities' refusal to allow a funeral comes just one day after a senior Chinese diplomat talked of China's "deep grief" over self-immolations. Contact the Chinese embassy in your country to demand freedom for Tibet