Second day of killing in Tibet

24th January 2012

Chinese continue shooting Tibetans.

At least two people have been shot dead by Chinese forces in Serthar town today.

One of those who was killed has been named as Popo. Many more have been injured; a number of them seriously.

Local people have described the town as being under curfew and are staying in their homes for fear of being shot.

Pattern of protests

There have been a number of demonstrations in the region over the last few days.

21 January: Two monks from the Shorog monastery publicly called upon fellow Tibetans not to celebrate the Chinese New Year and proclaimed: “we Tibetans should never be quiet until we have freedom.”

22 January: A protest was held at the nearby Puku township. Large numbers of troops were deployed in response.

23 January: Pamphlets were distributed in Serthar County which stated that two people were ready to self-immolate.

List of injured Tibetans

Today's killings follow yesterday's events in neighbouring Draggo County, where Chinese forces opened fire, killing two.

Yonten, one of the people killed, died from a gunshot wound to the head. We can confirm that a second Tibetan also died after being shot.

Free Tibet now has the names of 36 Tibetans who sustained gunshot wounds; 12 are said to be in a serious condition.

Yonten’s funeral is taking place in Draggo tomorrow and we understand that large numbers of Tibetans are travelling there to stand in solidarity.