Protesting monk dies

2nd October 2012

Tibetan who sparked mass protest passes away

Jamyang Palden, a 38-year-old monk who set himself on fire in March, has died.

He passed away on Saturday evening (local time), more than six months after his protest in Rongwo Town, Rebkong.

Treated by fellow monks

He had been looked after by his fellow monks in Rongwo Monastery, but for the past month he had been unable to eat and was in great physical pain from his injuries.

A few months ago, local authorities attempted to remove him from the monastery to be treated elsewhere, but following negotiations, he was allowed to stay.

Mass protests

Jamyang's self-immolation immediately sparked a large-scale protest in the town. Around 500 Tibetans gathered in the square chanting and praying while being monitored by the military.

Monks from other monasteries also travelled to the town to show their solidarity.

In mourning

On September 30 2012, Shar Kyabgon, the key incarnation lama for Rongwo Monastery and Rebkong area, prayed for Jamyang, along with Yerchung Chewa, incarnation lama.

Representatives from the monasteries in Rebkong and people from all over the county also paid their respects.