Political Prisoner released two months late after 10 years in Prison

1st June 2018

Political prisoner Dashar was released in May, two months late. He had already completed a 10-year prison sentence

A 48 year-old father of four has been released after completing his prison sentence.

Dashar was originally sentenced to a fixed term of 10 years after being found guilty of separatism and espionage. The charges stemmed from his involvement in the 2008 uprisings in Lhasa.

His release came on 15 May 2018. His daughter, Tenzin Nyidon, who is currently based in Australia, informed Tibet Watch of the news and told the team:

"As per the sentence, my father should have been released on 15 March 2018 but he was released on 15 May 2018, exactly two months late".

A number of Chinese laws appear to have been flouted during Dashar’s time in custody and prison.

There was a delay of almost two years between his arrest in 2008 and his sentence. The exact date and place of his sentence is unknown, although such secrecy is not uncommon for Chinese authorities dealing with Tibetans.

The authorities also took one year to decide on the charges against him despite Chinese law stipulating that a person should be tried within six months of their arrest.  

Dashar served his sentence in Drapchi, one of the most notorious prisons in Tibet. His late release this year contradicts Article 47 of China’s Criminal Law, which requires that the time spent by a detainee in custody should be counted as part of their prison sentence. The extension of Dashar’s jail term by two months without explanation appears to be illegal on the part of the Chinese authorities.

Dashar does not know the explanation for the delays in his sentencing or for his late release.

Two monks, Lobsang Ngodrup and Soepa, who were arrested at the same time as Dashar after participating in the 2008 protests, were released from prison on 10 March 2013 in a critical condition after they suffered torture and harsh interrogation.

Upon asking about his health, Tenzin Nyidon suggested he may be in a frail condition and said:

"My father is currently in his home county and will be heading for medical and health check-up soon".

Dashar is likely to be monitored closely by the authorities have his rights and restrictions curbed even more than other Tibetans.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch.

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