The plight of Tibet's children

10th December 2012

Free Tibet report reveals life under occupation

On international human rights day, Free Tibet reveals the abuse of the rights of children in Tibet.

The UN’s Committee on the Rights of the Child is preparing to review China’s compliance with its commitments on human rights for young people.

Free Tibet report

Free Tibet and Tibet Watch have submitted a comprehensive and damning report to the committee documenting the reality of growing up under military occupation.

The report, based on detailed and authoritative research by Tibet Watch, details:

UN processes are the only mechanism for holding China to account on its human rights record.

China human rights

The Committee has the power to demand answers from China to specific questions and will consider and respond to information submitted by authoritative third parties.

China’s compliance with its obligations will initially be considered in a working group next February, before formal review at a meeting currently expected in May.

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Growing up under China’s occupation: the plight of Tibet’s children.

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Read the full report.

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