Photos of Chinese force in Tibet

2nd February 2012

Images appear of Serthar violence and funeral

Free Tibet has received a number of images showing China’s recent use of disproportionate force in Tibet and its tragic consequences.

The photographs were disseminated through a third party online.

Forcible detention

One series of pictures were taken in Serthar Town on 24 January. It is believed they were taken shortly after two Tibetans were shot dead by Chinese forces. The photographs show at least two people being forcibly detained by the authorities.

Other photographs document the funeral of Dawa Dakpa, one of the two men killed.

A sign being held up at his funeral reads ‘Martyr Dawa Dakpa from Serta, Kham Region, who died for Tibet freedom on 2012-01-24.’

Photo revelations

This is the second release of images from Chinese shootings in as many days. Images appeared online yesterday which showed the dead body of Yonten, who was killed in Draggo on 23 January, as well as a number of other injured parties.

Free Tibet Director Stephanie Brigden said:

“Despite China’s efforts to control information, these pictures show the determination of Tibetans to expose to the world what China doesn’t want us to see. Can the international community continue to turn a blind eye when the ongoing brutality of the occupation is clear for all to see?”

The full set of images can be viewed on the Free Tibet Facebook page.