Nomads in Chone County protest against local authorities

18th October 2018

Tibetans stage a sit-in in front of government buildings against non-payment of compensation

Since 5 September 2018, a number of Tibetan nomads from Chone County, in north-east Tibet, have been protesting against local officials who have denied them compensation they were promised three years ago.

The protesters have been gathered outside the local government offices in Nyinpa Township. A video, obtained by Free Tibet's research partner Tibet Watch, shows the nomads, some of who are very elderly, protesting late into the evening. It has been reported that some of the nomads have been sleeping there overnight.

The origin of the protests can be traced back to 2015, when local officials carried out a programme to resettle nomads. The public reason given for the relocation programme was a concern that nomadic grazing was harming the environment.

Authorities also introduced a policy that stipulated that each nomad was only able to keep a certain number of animals. Those who surpassed the quota were encouraged to sell their animals with the promise of compensation. As a result, around a hundred families sold their livestock, hoping that the compensation would sustain them in their new environment. However, three years  have passed and the authorities are yet to make any payments.

Many of the nomads are finding it hard to resettle into an urban environment due to their limited resources. Their conditions prompted 20 of them to launch the sit-in protests last month.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch

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