More than 20 Tibetan students hospitalised

26th November 2012

School placed under military lockdown following protest

Around 1,000 students, primarily from the Chabcha Sorig Lobling School, gathered for a demonstration this morning in Chabcha County, North-Eastern Tibet.

They gathered at 5:40am local time before heading into Chabcha town. They circled the area, peacefully calling for freedom until approximately 9:00am, when armed Chinese security forces arrived.

Tibetans injured

It's still unclear what happened next but many young students were so badly injured they were taken straight to hospital.

More than 20 students were said to be hospitalised, with at least four requiring emergency treatment.

Refused entry

The Chabcha Sorig Lobiling School is now under a complete military lockdown and Chinese security forces have sealed off the area.

Parents have not only been refused entry, but also denied contact with the students held inside the school. Communication lines in the region have been destabilised.

The protest is understood to have taken place in response to the publication of a book by the Chinese government, heavily critical of self-immolation protests and belittling the Tibetan language. It is believed the book was recently given out to students.

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