Monks undergo training in Chamdo

26th November 2018

Chinese authorities continue efforts to control Tibetan Buddhism   

China Tibet Online has reported on government efforts in Chamdo prefecture, in eastern Tibet, to increase knowledge of the law amongst local Tibetans. This initiative is being pushed forward by the local United Front Work Department and the Ethnic and Religious department.

In mid-November, a training session was held for forty-two religious figures from Buddhist monasteries across Chamdo.  The training lasted for eight days and focused on key messages from China's 19th National Congress and promoted the Communist Party's policies for strengthening of national unity.

Those monks and nuns who took part in the training are expected to go back to and influence the monasteries they reside in with these ideas.

This training session comes in the wake of various schemes deployed over the past year by the Chinese Communist Party to control Tibetan Buddhism.

For example in June, Free Tibet documented the introduction of new examinations for monks, new rules and inspections, as well as the deployment of thousands of party cadre across monasteries throughout Tibet.

It was also reported that monks from a monastery in Lithang County were evicted and prohibited from teaching in the surrounding areas due to new requirements from the local authorities.

The introduction of new rules and regulations, legal training sessions as well as patriotic re-education campaign all point to Beijing’s concerns that religious institutions serve as a hub of resistance to their rule over Tibet.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch.

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