Monks detained for sharing information

14th December 2012

Three monks arrested after protest in Chabcha

Songrab Gyatso, Dragsang and Yeshi Sangpo were arrested earlier this month, accused of sharing information and photos about a student protest in Chabcha.

The three men are monks at the Kyamru monastery in Erti township, Serchen County, Qinghai Province.

Forcefully detained

Songrab Gyatso was forcefully detained in Chabcha Town by People’s Armed Police (PAP) on 1 December.

After an unsuccessful attempt at arresting Dragsang at the Kyamru monastery on 2 December, PAP returned the following day and arrested Dragsang along with Yeshi Sangpo.

Armed police arrive in force

It has been reported that on 3 December, when Dragsang and Yeshi Sangpo were detained, ten PAP trucks arrived in Dorlamkha, which is close to the monastery. Armed police threatened local Tibetans and told them if they didn’t like their behavior, they could go to the provincial government offices to appeal.

Around 100 monks gathered to march to the government offices but Tibetan villagers pleaded with them and the monks eventually returned to the monastery.

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