Monk Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

Jamyang Lodru
Jamyang Lodru
5th July 2017

Jamyang Lodru, 36, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment by the Chinese authorities.

The monk from Tsenang Monastery has been in detention for over a year since he was arbitrarily arrested on 15 May 2016 in Bhakham, the capital city of Ngaba. 

When he was arrested the police produced no explanation or warrant. According to eyewitnesses the police suddenly appeared, covered his head, cuffed his hands and put him into the police vehicle.

Despite attempts to approach the prefecture police, Jamyang Lodru’s family were denied any information about the cause of his arrest, his whereabouts or his conditions.

Like many families of disappeared Tibetan political prisoners they have been kept in the dark all this time.

In 2015, Tibet Watch produced testimonials from victims of detention in Tibet. The report highlighted the detainee’s lack of access to healthcare, legal advice and their families as well as the harsh prison conditions and torture some of them experienced.

The details of which prison Jamyang Lodru will be transferred to have been kept secret.

The trial took place in a court in Throchu Dzong and no clear explanation or reason for his charge has been provided yet.

Last week, Free Tibet reported on a similar case where a Chinese court sentenced Gendun Dhakpa and Lobsang Sherab to five and four years in prison respectively for "inciting separatism" and "sharing information with outsiders".


Information supplied by Tibet Watch


Despite China's harsh military occupation Tibetans continue to resist and protest. Within Tibet, rightfully termed an 'open air prison,' Tibetans are punished with harassment, arrest and lengthy prison terms. Take action for Tibet’s political prisoners - write to the Chinese authorities and demand their freedom.