Monk dies in protest on anniversary of fatal shootings

17th March 2013

Five years after Chinese kill 13 unarmed protesters, Lobsang Thokmey sets himself alight

The 28-year-old monk from Kirti monastery was the third monk to set himself alight on the anniversary of the 16 March 2008 shootings in the nearby town of Ngaba, eastern Tibet.

In 2008, hundreds of monks and laypeople gathered to protest against the Chinese regime. After firing tear gas and beating protesters, troops opened fire with live ammunition, killing 13, including sixteen-year-old girl Lundhup Tso.

Anniversary protests

In 2011, Kirti monk Phuntsog set himself alight on the anniversary of the shootings, the first such protest in Tibet since 2009. Since then, more than 100 other Tibetans have set themselves alight. On 16 March 2012, Lobsang Tsultrim set himself alight , dying two days later.

Fatal shootings

China has not hesitated to use lethal force against protesters. In January 2012, fatal shootings occurred in several different locations in Tibet.

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