Military deployed in Drango

30th January 2014

Show of force two years after Tibetans were killed by police

Photographs obtained by Free Tibet show a large military deployment on the streets of Drango, south-east Tibet. Armoured cars and other military vehicles arrived in the town on 26 of this month ahead of the Chinese New Year. The military is patrolling the streets, randomly checking locals’ identity papers and breaking up people gathered in groups at tea shops and restaurants. There are no reports so far of any arrests.

Tibetans shot on Chinese New Year

Two years ago, Chinese forces killed two Tibetans in Drango when they fired on a peaceful demonstration of hundreds of Tibetans. The demonstration took place on Chinese New Year, which this year falls on 31 January. 30 protesters were injured in that incident. Two more men from the area were shot and killed in a police round up in the area a few weeks later.

Forced to fly occupying flag

Driru County in the Tibet Autonomous Region has been the scene of an intense crackdown since Tibetans refused to fly the Chinese flag on their homes last September. China is desperate to avoid similar protests spreading to other areas of Tibet and the deployment in Drango is clearly intended to ensure no similar protests on the anniversary of the shootings.

Take action

Tibetans are constantly asserting their national pride and identity despite facing brutal punishments. Tibetan singers keep alive a culture that China is trying to erase from the world. They have been imprisoned by China, joining thousands of other political prisoners in occupied Tibet. Sign our petition to China’s justice minister Wu Aiying demanding that the singers be released. action10.jpg