Mass detentions reveal China's fears about stability

12th July 2012

China has detained 60 Tibetans who witnessed a self-immolation near the capital, Lhasa, on 7 July.

Free Tibet is very concerned for their safety. Alongside these detentions, the Chinese government instituted a security crackdown. The well-being and whereabouts of the Tibetan who set fire to himself remain unknown.

Protests in Tibet

Underlining China’s concern about stability, as protests spread into central Tibet there was a special meeting of the Chinese state police for the Tibet Autonomous Region (central Tibet) two days after the self-immolation, which focused on social stability.

Communications blackout

In further efforts to contain the protests and enforce stability, communications systems to the area were cut off 8 July, and still have not been reinstated five days later.

China’s attempts to quell the protests — through the use of lethal force, detentions, disappearances and restrictions on communications — vividly illustrate its ongoing concern about maintaining ‘internal’ stability.