Free Tibet endorses statement condemning police violence in Hong Kong

Protests in Hong Kong (Studio Incendo)
Protests in Hong Kong (Studio Incendo)
Protests in Hong Kong (Studio Incendo)
25th November 2019

Free Tibet has joined other human rights organisations in endorsing a statement  for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. 

The statement asks the UN to publicly denounce the Hong Kong government’s systematic violations of fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong and the police violence that has taken place. 

It has been produced by the Chinese Human Rights Defenders and signed by other organisations; such as Amnesty International and the International Campaign for Tibet.

The statement outlines that:

“The Hong Kong Police Force have systematically suppressed the right to peaceful assembly by using excessive force against individuals exercising their rights, including beating peaceful protesters and using tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets.”

The statement follows up from a press briefing by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in which she stated that authorities have by and large respected protesters’ right to peaceful assembly. The Chinese Human Rights Defenders has noted that this was inaccurate, citing reports of violence against demonstrators by the police.

There have been on-going anti-government protests in Hong Kong since June 2019. Pro-democracy citizens have been protesting against Chief Executive Carrie Lam and the Hong Kong government over a proposed extradition bill that could have seen dissidents in Hong Kong transferred to mainland China to stand trial. The protests have since evolved into a wider pro-democracy movement.

The protestors have been met with resistance from the police. In addition to using tear gas and rubber bullets, police have also arbitrarily detained protesters and used live ammunition.

Yesterday, the pro-democracy movement won a landslide in Hong Kong’s district elections. The elections had a record turnout of 71.2%.