Free Tibet billboards hit New York and London

Free Tibet's new billboard in Times Square, New York
Free Tibet's new billboard in Times Square, New York
24th August 2016

‘Land of the Unfree’ billboard will spread public awareness of the occupation in Tibet

Free Tibet’s new ‘Land of the Unfree’ billboards have gone up in New York and London and have already been spotted by supporters. The billboards show a map of Tibet made up of faces from people living in occupied Tibet, many of whom have carried out protests or other acts of resistance. They aim in to inform the wider public about Tibet, the occupation that its people live under and the Tibetan resistance to Chinese rule and human rights abuses.

The billboards were funded by Free Tibet supporters after a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year. Free Tibet raised just over $8,000, smashing our target and allowing us to bring three billboards to key sites in two of the world’s most iconic cities.

The first of two billboards in London has already gone up and can be found in Atlantic Road, opposite the entrance to the station in bustling Brixton. A second billboard will be posted outside Camden station in November.

The first London billboard, placed opposite Brixton station

In New York a billboard has already been up in the city’s iconic Times Square for a week, putting Free Tibet’s message alongside some of the world’s leading brands. New Yorkers have one more week to see the billboard, which is above Ripley’s Believe it or Not! on 42nd Street.

Squaring off with China

Even in Times Square it seems Free Tibet has to compete with the Chinese government. In the weeks prior to Free Tibet’s billboard going up, a 200-square metre screen on the 2 Times Square building had been running a political video from Xinhua, the Chinese government news agency. In the video, played in heavy rotation, China hit back at a ruling by an international tribunal in June that rejected China’s territorial claims to several small islands in the heavily-contested South China Sea.

In its report, Voice of America interviewed passers-by in Times Square and found that few people had even noticed China's expensive video.

Spread the word

Free Tibet would once again like to thank those that helped make the billboards happen. Thanks to you we have been able to bring the truth about Tibet to new audiences in London and New York.

We encourage supporters to take photos of the billboards and share them, and to spread the link , where people new to the Tibetan cause will find an introduction and basic facts to get them started.

Take action

Our billboards show the faces of many brave Tibetans who have stood up to the occupation. Some of them are serving long jail sentences for protests against the Chinese government. Please take a moment to add your name to our letter calling for the release of Tsewang Choephel, our latest Robed Resister.