Four Tibetans handed long prison sentences

5th October 2012

Latest cases of disproportionate sentencing in Tibet

Four Tibetan men have been given long prison sentences on unclear charges.

Lobsang Tsultrim (19), pictured top right, and Lobsang Jangchup (17), teenage monks from Kirti in Ngaba County, were sentenced to 11 and 8 years in prison respectively. Their exact charges are unknown, but they were arrested shortly after the self-immolation protest of Gepey on 10 March 2012; a monk from the same monastery.

Whereabouts unknown for months

For more than five months after their arrest, their whereabouts and well-being were unknown. The two teenagers' families were not informed about their trial.

They were accused of suspicious contact with Gepey. The formal charges against Lobsang Tsultrim and Lobsang Jangchup, and their current whereabouts, are unknown.

Disappeared for nine months

Lobsang-tashi-01_0.JPGAnother Kirti monk called Lobsang Tashi, pictured right, (26) was sentenced to seven years imprisonment by People's Intermediate Court in Barkham County, Ngaba on 18 September 2012.

He was detained in November 2011 accused of having sent information out of Tibet. Following his arrest, Lobsang Tashi’s whereabouts and well-being were unknown for more than night months.

Seven years for contacts outside Tibet

Thubdor, a 25-year-old Tibetan from Khogpo townchip in Ngaba County, was sentenced to seven years and six months imprisonment. He was also detained in November 2011 on the same grounds as Lobsang Tashi.

Thubdor’s whereabouts and condition were unknown but around two days before he and Lobsang Tashi were being sentenced, their families were informed to go to Barkham. Their families were allowed to meet them briefly after the trial.

Thubdor and Lobsang Tashi are serving their sentences in a prison in Mianyang city, Sichuan.

What you can do

These harsh prison sentences demonstrate the serious consequences Tibetans are facing for peaceful acts of protests or information sharing.

Please contact your nearest Chinese Embassy to ask for human rights to be respected in Tibet.