Fifth monk from Drango disappeared

19th October 2012

Man was detained in April in front of many eyewitnesses

It has emerged that a fifth monk from Drango was disappeared following the January protest.

Eyewitnesses confirm that Geshe Tenzin Phalsang was disappeared by Chinese security forces on 2 April for helping Tibetans who had been shot and injured during the Drango protests in January.

Geshe Tenzin Phalsang joins the Drango Four, a group of Tibetan men who were taken in January, as the fifth Drango monk to be taken this year.

Persecuted for helping wounded

He played an important role assisting injured Tibetans during the Drango protests in January, where Chinese forces had opened fire on protesters killing two and injuring dozens.

He helped move wounded Tibetans inside the monastery, where he provided shelter and care.

Geshe Tenzin Phalsang is the latest of many Tibetans whose whereabouts and well-being remain unknown.

Torture widespread in China

Many Tibetans who have survived Chinese detention centres in the past have confirmed that they had been the victims of torture in prison. Those who are disappeared, like these monks, are at particular risk of torture. In 2006, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture stated that "Torture remains widespread in China".

What you can do

Take action for the Drango Four

It is believed the four were detained by Chinese forces to prevent them from spreading information about protests in Drango where Chinese forces shot protesters.

We have grave concerns for their wellbeing. Send an email on behalf of the Drango Four.