Drango monks sentenced

6th November 2012

News emerges of court ruling

The five monks from Drango who were disappeared earlier this year have been sent to prison.

Four of the men who have been the subject of a Free Tibet campaign under the name Drango Four have been sent to prison by a Chinese court.

The sentences they received were:

  • Tulku Lobsang Tenzin, seven years
  • Geshe Tsewang Namgyal, six years
  • Tashi Thupgyal, six years
  • Thinley, five years

A fifth monk, Geshe Tenzin Phalsang, whose case we also recently highlighted was sentenced to six years.

Campaign continues

We are currently trying to secure more information about the evidence against them - many people in Tibet are charged based on confessions obtained through torture.

We are also still trying to ascertain whether the men had access to a lawyer who presented any arguments in their defence.

In the meantime, Free Tibet will continue to campaign on their behalf.