Disappeared Tibetan monk is ‘very loyal and honourable’

17th October 2012

More personal details have emerged about the Drango Four.

The four Tibetan monks were taken away by Chinese security forces in January 2012.

Loyal and honourable

Geshe Tsewang Namgyal, 42, a teacher and academic from Drango Monastery, has been described by someone who knew him as ‘very loyal, honourable and worked for his people and their rights’. He spent a lot of time in India and joined Drepung Loseling Monastery in south India in 1987 to study Buddhism, English, Hindi and Tibetan. In 1994, the monk graduated from the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in north India with a Master’s degree, returning to Tibet in 2011 to teach at Drango Monastery. Concerned for Geshe Tsewang Namgyal's wellbeing, his friend added: ‘If he is alive he will appear again.’

Reincarnated Lama

Tulku Lobsang Tenzin, 40, is recognised as a reincarnated Lama at Gochen monastery who oversaw projects for its expansion and renovation. He taught Buddhism classes in China and was very popular with his Chinese students.

Take action for the Drango Four

It is believed the four were detained by Chinese forces to prevent them from spreading information about protests in Drango where Chinese forces shot protesters. We have grave concerns for their wellbeing. Send an email on behalf of the Drango Four.