Disappearances in Tibet

20th July 2012

Scores of Ngaba monks arbitrarily detained

The number of monks who are being arrested and disappearing continues to grow as Chinese forces crack down on dissent and protest in Tibet.

More than 200 monks from Kirti Monastery in Ngaba have been detained since March 2011. It is unclear how many have been released and how many remain in Chinese detention.

Chinese silence

One of the latest cases involves Lobsang Tsering (top right), a 21-year-old monk. He was arrested at the monastery on the night of 26 June this year. The reasons for the arrest remain unclear.

His family and relatives have repeatedly tried to find out where he is being held and why. They have enquired at Chinese authority offices a number of times but have not been given any information. They are extremely worried about his wellbeing.

Long prison sentences

Lobsang Phunthok Kirti monk detained 15102011.jpg
Two other monks from Kirti Monastery who had disappeared since their arrest in October last year were recently sentenced to prison terms.

On 17 October 2011, Lobsang Phunthok (right) was beaten and arrested. It's thought that he may be accused of sharing information outside Tibet but this can't be confirmed.

His family were unaware what had happened to him until a few weeks ago when they heard that he had been sentenced to eight years in prison.

They still do not know why he was arrested, where he is being held and still haven't seen him.

Arbitrary arrest

Lobdu, Kirti monk, detained 20102011.jpgSimilarly, 36-year-old Lobdu (left) was forcibly detained around 20 October 2011. He was sentenced to three years in prison at a trial earlier this month.

Lobdu’s family received no information about his well-being and place of detention following his arrest. They were also not informed about his sentence by the Chinese authorities.

What you can do

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