Demonstrations continue on day two of Xi Jinping UK visit

Protesters in London today
Protesters in London today
21st October 2015

Pro-China protesters challenged by London cyclist; two Tibetans and a Chinese activist arrested

President Xi Jinping continued to be dogged by peaceful protests on the second day of his UK State Visit.

Tibet and human rights supporters met the Chinese leader as he travelled around London, including at 10 Downing Street, Mansion House and Guildhall.

Two Tibetan women and a Chinese man - a former political prisoner and Tiananmen Square survivor - were also arrested in the afternoon. The women had attempted to display the Tibetan national flag - banned in occupied Tibet - at Xi Jinping as he drove past.

"Do you think the right to freedom of speech should be extended to everyone?"

Organised pro-China protests also continued to take place, appearing to be orchestrated by the Chinese Embassy. At one point a passing London cyclist spontaneously stopped to challenge the protesters, as captured on video below.

The passerby also mentioned that many in the UK are displeased with the red carpet welcome China's leader has received, with Britain accused of "sucking up" to China rather than standing up for human rights.

Protests will continue tomorrow - please see the Facebook event page for details and join us if you are able.